Kimeve lost 75 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Kimeve lost 75 pounds. For years, her unhealthy lifestyle and binge eating did not show up in her medical test results, but that all changed in 2015. Instead of turning to diets and fads, she took all of the knowledge she’s gained over the years and adopted practical eating habits and a workout routine she could commit to long term.

Kimeve before and after

Highest weight: 342 pounds
Current weight: 267 pounds
Goal with wiggle room: 220 pounds

Around the age of 11, as a fatherless daughter, I made food my friend. When I was happy, sad, and every strong emotion in between, I ATE. Family members (except for my Mom – rest her soul) were always in my ear about being overweight. Looking back at old photos, I realized that I wasn’t overweight. I was thick in high school, held on to a mostly flat stomach, and was active. 

Fast forward to pregnancy. I am 5’7″ and weighed 240 pounds when I got pregnant, and I wore earing a size 16 or 18. I gained 13 pounds during pregnancy, and my son weighed 8.5 lbs. I breastfed and dropped that 13 plus about 25 more. I figured my metabolism had changed.

I started eating everything. I ate myself up to around 280 pounds, and that’s where I stayed for a few years. Then, a less than fantastic marital relationship and the emotions that come with that had me OVEREATING ALL THE TIME. I did that for about 15 years.  

Kimeve before and after

I was watching weight loss shows while chowing down on Big Macs and pepperoni pizzas. (Funny, but not funny.) I was also giving my money to quick fixes, workout DVDs, Weight Watchers (at least five times), online programs, meal plans, etc. I don’t knock any of those things. If a person is ready and those tools work, more power to them. For me, it wasn’t the answer. I reached my highest weight was in 2015: 342 pounds! 

During every trip to the doctor’s office up until then, they always said they couldn’t believe I didn’t have any chronic illness, like high blood sugar, etc. That changed in 2015. I had my annual check-up, and all my numbers were through the roof. 

It was not until mid-2016 that I started to do anything about it. I created my own program. I watched what I ate without counting calories. I became more aware of how much I was moving. I got a hold of my emotions before I ended up at the drive-thru ordering the whole menu. I lost 35 pounds. After losing and dropping weight so many times, after that first 35 lbs, I decided to find out whether I could maintain my success. And I did for a year and a half. 

Feeling accomplished, I decided to move forward on my journey by moving more and eating less. My weight gain mostly came from the drive-thru (I still binge on occasion. It’s a work in progress). At home, I’m heavy on veggies. I have always baked or broiled my food and don’t eat a whole lot of starch. So, I decided to go easy on myself and put into practice everything I had seen, heard, and read about getting healthy. Then, I tweaked all of that knowledge to fit my lifestyle. I didn’t go cold turkey on anything. I didn’t stop eating any food group. I didn’t count calories or keep a food journal. I didn’t stop eating the things I enjoy. 

I’m currently 75 pounds down and still working towards my ultimate goal. Had biometrics done this month, and ALL my numbers have improved, some by as much as 100 points. 

Kimeve before and after

Motivation: Honestly, It was vanity at first. I feel like I’m too intelligent to allow myself to get sick behind something I have total control over. I’m too cute too! Secondly, I want to LIVE, be, and feel strong and capable of anything I want to achieve. 

Workouts: My workouts consisted of walking, Leslie Sansone’s workouts on YouTube and DVD, random workouts on YouTube and Instagram, and lifting dumbbells (up to 30lbs). 

Biggest Lesson Learned: Concerning all things related to getting your health in order, be patient. This thing is chess, not checkers.

Advice: Try everything that interests you regarding getting healthy. Try new foods and new ways of moving your body. (Google Dr. Jason Fung for information on fasting.) Tweak everything you learn and try to fit YOU. Some stuff will work and some won’t, but that’s okay. Just keep going! 

Also, you don’t have to go so hard that you want to throw up when it comes to exercise. Just move and do it consistently. Go longer and/or harder as you get more fit and remember to breathe. 

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It doesn’t really matter what path you take as long as it’s one that works for your life. Keep going! We are Royalty for real. When we start believing and acting on that belief, it will make manifest, and it’ll be MAGICAL!!! I promise. 

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Kimeve before and after

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