3 Easy IT Band Stretches

I like my stretches like I like my running routes = Easy.
You (or your running buddy) asked for my fave IT Band stretches in the @runeatrepeat stories.
IT Band syndrome is super common in female runners.
? Tight IT band = Knee Pain

3 Easy IT Band Stretches for Runners

These 3 Stretches are easy to do & public place friendly!!
[ I like a deep lunge & pigeon pose too – but they’re kinda dramatic for the park. ??‍♀️? ]

@runeatrepeat – Great strength training session today! And a walk. Taking an extra rest day this week to let my knee relax.

  1. Seated twist stretch

2. Seated Figure Four Stretch – this is a variation of the figure four stretch where you lay on the ground.

3. Standing Side Stretch – this one looks too easy but if you’re super tight, you’ll feel it! I am super tight so I can really feel this one when I keep a bend in my knee, core tight and lean to the side to stretch all along the side body.

What are you doing today??

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