How to do the Sept Speed Challenge to Run Faster

Run Faster with the September Speed Challenge. Get the Running Calendar and join us!

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How to do the September Speed Challenge:

Want to run faster? Need a goal to keep you motivated? Love a fun fitness challenge – without feeling like you’re comparing yourself to others?

Take this month’s SPEED CHALLENGE!! It’s a running challenge where you race yourself. You’re going to compare your time running a specific distance 3 separate times – aiming to get faster!

This way we’re able to connect and stay accountable virtually AND you’re able to improve your running based on your current fitness level.

how to run faster challenge

Here’s how you do the Speed Challenge:

Step 1: Pick a running route that’s a fairly easy short route for you. It should be your easy day distance – something between 2 and 6 miles.

Make sure it’s a route you will be able to run on the time trial days in 2 weeks and 4 weeks.

The first time will be to see your starting time on this route. Then, try to get faster on the 2nd and 3rd attempt. Note your finish time and any details on the calendar or in your running log. Put in as much info as possible that will help you learn and improve.

Step 2: Run it!! 

Warm Up thoroughly before you run. Do a head to toe warm up and check-in with your body before you start.

Then, Ready… Set… Go!! Run your planned route – pushing yourself to do your best. Time yourself with your running watch, a running tracker app, a stop watch on your phone or similar.

Then, note it in the log with any notes. Look over it the next day to learn what works for you and what you need to work on to do better next time.

Examples of running log notes: Date / Time / Route / Distance / Finish Time / Effort Level / Body Notes / What you wore / Obstacles / Mindset / Overall / etc.

Step 3: Get faster!

Follow your running or workout plan to make sure you’re improving your fitness and taking rest days. The work and the rest are both important to help you recover and get stronger.

Look over your running log and work on things that may help you run faster.

Do Strides – On the weeks that you don’t have a time trial – incorporate strides at the end of your run. This, along with the strength work and a lot of rest can help you get faster.

Then, repeat this time trial – on the 18th and the 30th or whatever days are applicable to your running plan! Log it, learn from it and keep going faster!

Runner Resources:

Get more info and the free printable September Calendar for Runners here.

How to Run Strides

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