Do Your Best (Even When It Sucks)

I just finished the Running Workout Calendar for next month and was scrolling through Instagram. I keep seeing runners feeling lost and sad about all the marathons, half marathons and other races that have been cancelled.

I hear you. I’m deeply disappointed and sad about so many people and things I miss.

It’s hard to set goals or even know what to do with running and fitness right now since we don’t know when life will return to some sorta new normal.

It’s been a very, very challenging year. I try not to think about all the things I wish I could have done this year because it makes me feel like crying and giving up.

Then, it’s hard to climb out of that sad place because we don’t have a checklist or timeline on when & how the pandemic will be behind us.

I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want hope. I want a date I can circle on the calendar of when we can run together and marathons and half marathons and 10Ks and 5Ks will be on again!

It’s hard to keep running when there are no races, fun runs, relays, running clubs, run groups or other reasons to follow a training plan.

But my New Year’s Resolution was to DO MY BEST.

It’s not DO MY BEST (if everything is going my way) or DO MY BEST (if I’m not injured) or DO MY BEST (training for a marathon).

Yes, when I originally set this intention I thought it would mostly be about running. I wanted to DO MY BEST while training for my next marathon. I wanted to do my best in running and racing half marathons. I wanted to do my best to be a better runner.

My goal is: DO MY BEST – in every situation.

I want to do my best in my relationships. I want to do my best in running. I want to do my best in breaking bad habits. I want to do my best in adulting.

And yes, I want to do my best to run faster, farther, stronger and better.

But without races on the calendar – this year has been very different and disappointing compared to what I thought it’d be.


It’s okay to say that sucks – because it does.

And I know so many people have a lot harder battles to fight. So I’m not going to feel sorry for myself that I don’t get to run races when I know in the big pile of problems, mine aren’t that bad.

Yes… and my feelings are still valid.

I’ve been holding onto the suck instead of giving myself permission to have these feelings.

And running is a big part of how I stay in a good place with my mental health. Running has helped me survive some very hard, lonely, desperate, lost times in life. I’m so grateful that I found running – it changed my life.

So it’s more than a hobby. It’s more than a job. It’s more than social time. It’s more than posting runs on social media. It’s more than a great way to burn calories. It’s more than a podcast (but def listen to the Run Eat Repeat podcast… wink).

Anyway – I’m giving myself permission to be sad about the loss of social time, longer runs and races this year.

And in case you need it – I give you permission to be sad about the things you’ve missed out on this year.

We get 5 minutes to be sad, cry, feel sorry for ourselves, throw a fit.

Then, we have to get up, dust off and move forward.

We have to move forward because we deserve to make the best of whatever situation we’re in right now. We have to move forward because we’re going to look back on this year and don’t want to consider it a complete loss of fitness or running fun.

We have to move forward because we can live our best life in the current situation. It’s not ideal, but we get to decide if we’re going to use this time to treat ourselves with kindness, exercise, eat healthy and think healthy – or not.
I want to do my best next month- I hope you’ll join me!

xoxo, Monica

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