What We Got for Baby 2

baby items to buy for second baby

One great thing about having a second baby who will be born at exactly the same time of year as his brother (two mid-September babies) is that he’ll very likely be able to wear all of James’ old clothing (since they’ll have been the same ages in the same seasons). And having them close in age means we still have all of James’ newborn gear—bassinet, swing, toys, etc. All this to say, we’re lucky that we don’t need too many new things for baby #2. But there are a handful of items we’ve gotten or decided to re-buy. Note: Links in this post are affiliate links.

What We Bought for Baby #2

Newton Baby Breathable Crib Mattress
James is still comfortably sleeping in his crib, so we knew we needed another one for his little brother. We’re so fortunate that my brother and sister-in law gave us my niece Victoria’s crib, which is in great condition and still up to health and safety codes. All we needed was a mattress. Like a lot of parents, one thing I spent quite a bit of time worrying about with James was how well he was able to breathe at night (he only wanted to sleep on his tummy). Even as recently as of a few months ago, anytime I’d see him sleeping face-down, I’d have to go in and make sure he was able to breathe. This Newton crib mattress is breathable, waterproof, allergen-free, and completely washable. Best feature: it’ll give me peace of mind.

Crib Bedding
Crate & Barrel Kids Elephant Crib Quilt

Elephant Fitted Crib Sheet

If baby #2 is anything like his older brother, he’ll be going through multiple bibs a day until he’s about 9 months old. These Greensprouts bibs come in a 10-pack and are the best we tried. They’re well-fitting (not too snug around the neck) and seriously absorbent.

Changing pad
This is the same changing pad we used for James, but after over a year of heavy use, the one we had ripped at the seam. It’s soft and yet supportive, with strong contoured sides to keep baby safely in place.

Just a few footed one-piece pajamas from Baby Gap: a pack of 2 button-up onesies and a zippered onesie.

Mam Newborn Pacifiers
The only pacifiers James would take as a newborn and the only brand he uses now, at almost 2 years old (he uses the Mam Air ones).

LectroFan White Noise Machine
Hands-down the best white noise machine on the market. And trust me, we’ve tried a number of them (Daniel and I sleep with fans and white noise every night). It has a variety of noise types and volume settings. It’s not the cheapest but you can’t beat it.

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