3 Hacks To Get Water While Running

Last time we talked about the 3 Best Ways to Carry Water While Running. But if you don’t have new running gear or just HATE carrying water on the run – here are 3 hacks to help!

3 Hacks to Get Water While Running – that don’t require you carrying it!

3 hacks for running water bottle

HACK 1: Loop Running Route with your own water station.

Plan your run to be a loop route or an out and back route.

Then, before you go run – pack a cooler with your water, fuel, sports or running drinks, etc.

Put it somewhere safe and easy to grab and go along your route. This is most likely going to be the start of your run. So if you’re starting from home – your porch or garage. If you drive to your running route – you might need to set it up in your car.

And out and back running route may work for this too.

TIP: If you’re setting up a DIY water stop at home – it can be tempting to cut your run short, so don’t just go inside for a refill. Set up a water stop outside so you keep that momentum to run!

Hack 2: Buddy Up!! Ask a friend or family member to be your long run support team.

Before your run ask a friend or family member that lives along your route or within running distance to put a water or sports drink out somewhere safe and easy for you to grab along the way.


Ask them if they’d like to join you for a few miles and if they can bring extra water so you can refill before the run buddy portion of your workout.

TIP: If you’re training for a race & your running buddy isn’t OR if you’re faster than your friend – run some miles before meeting up with them. This gives you the chance to get in a longer run and get in some fun miles with a friend.

Hack 3: Stop at a store.

Plan your route to pass by a small store that sells water bottles or sports drinks. Then, order ahead, use an app to pay or bring money with you on the run.

TIP: Don’t drink an entire slurpee in the middle of a run – trust me.

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