What I’m Packing for the Hospital for Baby #2

When you have a baby for the first time, it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll want or need when you go to the hospital to give birth. When I was packing for my hospital stay with James, I read a few lists of new mom essentials online and did my best to pack minimally but effectively. I ended up packing more than I truly needed but somehow less than I wanted. There were a handful of things I regretted, like my makeup bag!, and a few things I wished I’d had for my own comfort, like a lightweight bathrobe. So knowing what I know now, here’s how I’m packing the second time around:

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My favorite Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas are packed and ready to go.

Thin knee-length robe
I’ve written before about how much I love my UGG bathrobe (OK, bathrobe(S)). They’re plush, warm, and just the coziest thing to wrap yourself in, but they’re not ideal for labor and delivery. I didn’t bring a robe last time I gave birth but I wished I had. It would have been nice to have a lightweight cover up, something easy to take on and off, that opens in the front, and adds a bit of warmth. This one, which is under $30 from Target, is perfect.

At the risk of it being gross to bring your own blanket into a hospital, I need to do it. I’m someone who HAS to have a pretty significant blanket/quilt/comforter to actually sleep, and the “blankets” at the hospital are truly just heavyweight sheets, with no real warmth or weight to them at all. This time I’ll be bringing a blanket from home that I like but can live without (if I need to part with it when we leave).

Roomy boy short underwear
The postnatal mesh underwear they give you in the hospital are wonderful and I expect to wear them for pretty much my whole hospital stay, but I’ve been wearing these super soft and roomy boy shorts in my final trimester of pregnancy and I have a feeling they’ll be very comfortable after giving birth, too.

Outfit for when we leave
All my maternity finest: stretchy pants, long tank top, oversized cardigan

I bought this travel set of toiletry bottles and jars and it’s perfect. I’m packing shampoo, conditioner, facewash, facial moisturizer, body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush…

Prenatal vitamins
When I had James, I stopped taking my prenatal vitamin the second I gave birth (not really on purpose; I just forgot pretty much everything from that point on), and I have to think that it was both unwise and a little disturbing to my system. I’ll be bringing them with me this time. I use these ones, by New Chapter.

Phone charger with an extra long cord
Since I can’t be certain how far away the outlet will be, it’s always wise to bring an extra long charging cable.


2 footed onesies for baby boy
We’ll probably only use 1 (for the ride home), but an extra outfit for baby is always wise—speaking from experience 🙂

Easy velcro swaddle
We used these SwaddleMe velcro swaddles with James and loved how soft, quick, and easy they were.

I’d love to know: What are your hospital packing list must-haves?

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