What’s the Best Frozen Pizza?

Do you have a favorite frozen pizza? I used to LOVE Lean Cuisine frozen pizzas. It was a quick, low calorie & and low cost option to have pizza for lunch or dinner mid-week.

And while walking down the frozen food aisle at Ralph’s I spotted a few NEW frozen pizza options that I had to try. There’s the tried and true Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza. And now Lean Cuisine has several gluten free meals including a pepperoni pizza and a cheese pizza.

I was just going to review the traditional LC pepperoni pizza against the new cauliflower crust pizza. Then, I spotted the new Foster Farms pizza and knew I owed it to you to try that one too.

Hey, it’s not easy being cheesy. But I’m up for the challenge.

New Healthy Frozen Pizza Review

New Cauliflower Crust Frozen Pizza Review

The Pizzas being reviewed today:

  • Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza – part of their features menu this one had been around for a long time
  • Life Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza – new Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza targeted for those that live a low carb lifestyle
  • Foster Farms Smart Crust Pizza – new offering from the company, also available in Cheese & Bacon Club targeted for those following a low carb or keto diet

Full Disclosure:

  1. I purchased all these frozen pizzas at Ralph’s, my local grocery store in Southern California. This is NOT sponsored (unless you consider my love of pizza an official sponsor).
  2. Full disclosure: I actually prefer cheese or veggie pizza but bought the pepperoni because it was the only one that was available across all 3 types of pizza. I wanted to keep the comparison as uniform as possible.
  3. Aaaand I thought pepperoni pizza would make for a better food photo for Instagram and the blog… but one of the pizzas reviewed did NOT look pretty in pictures or irl.

Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza Review

lean cuisine frozen pizza review

Taste / Texture / Etc: The crust is thick and chewy. The balance of crust to toppings isn’t my ideal – I’d prefer more sauce and cheese. It’s slightly dry (but a lil dip in ranch dressing solves that).

Pros: Fast, Easy, Low Cost, Portion Control, Widely Available. Also – it had more protein than the gluten free ‘low carb’ pizza and is lower in fat.

Cons: Crust can be dry.

Overall: Good frozen pizza for one option. Best balance of nutrition stats in terms of low calorie & low fat and high in protein. Best if you like traditional or deep dish pizza.

Life Cuisine Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza Review

life cuisine frozen pizza review

Taste / Texture / Etc: This is a gluten free pizza so the crust is flatter than the other LC pizza. Side by side the gluten free pizza seemed a lot smaller than the traditional one but has pretty similar nutrition stats.

Pros: Gluten Free, Fast, Easy, Portion Control, High in protein.

Cons: Flavor was flat – it needed something. High in fat.

Overall: Good gluten free frozen pizza for one option. If you’re not gluten free or low carb, I’d go with the traditional pizza.

Foster Farms Smart Crust Pizza Review

Foster Farms smart crust pizza review

Taste / Texture / Etc: Good flavor! Not good presentation. I cooked it according to the package directions but it seemed over-cooked. The toppings spread out and slid off of it. It seemed a lot greasier than the other pizzas (but not as greasy as take-out). I’m a-okay with dabbing my pizza grease so it’s no big.

Pros: Good Flavor, Gluten Free, Fast, Easy, Portion Control, High in protein.

Cons: Greasy. It’s close to DOUBLE the calories, fat and protein compared to the other pizzas. The nutrition stats give info for 1/2 the pizza or the whole package (basically suggesting 1 pizza = 2 servings). But it’s a small pizza – and the same size as the other 2 frozen pizzas reviewed here. I don’t see anyone eating half of this pizza as a meal – so I used the stats for the whole pizza.

Overall: Even though it was greasy… I kept going back to this one for more bites. I think I liked the chew of the crust. Good gluten free frozen pizza for one option.

Question: Do you have a favorite frozen meal?

I like to keep one or two in the freezer for days when I don’t want to clean up (I don’t mind cooking, I mind cleaning!).

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